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Tutorial: How to Detangle a Wig

Posted by Ayni Tera at 7:20 PM
detangle a wig

Hello girls! as i promised, i will do some tutorial^^ Wig isn't being an anonymous object for us as part to beautify ourself without making harm to our real hair. Wig also gained popularity after those gyaru model endorse it, like Tsubasa Matsuwaka, etc. In Indonesia, although some people consider it as taboo because it's something fake, but it isn't really hard to get it popular too. Nowadays, many wig have improved and looked very natural, even can be heated, styled, and dyed!! that's the reason why wig is getting popular.

But, sometimes it's really troublesome to keep it because Wig doesn't have real moisture to prevent its fiber from tangle, not like human hair does. so that's why real human hair never get tangled easily, unless it's very dry. The friction between the packaging also make wig get frizzy. Everytime we put it out from the storage, we must be grumbling, because how frizz and tangled they are, It's a disaster!! when we try to comb it out, sometimes the fiber fall off. Unlike our hair which grew, the wig doesn't!!

Don't worry, we have the solution at home. Wig to the rescue!! (/^▽^)/

wig things needed

What you'll need:
  • Bucket or Basin
  • Fabric Softener 
  • Towel
  • Wide tooth comb
  • Wig detangler spray
  • Your tangled wig (off course lol)
  • Wig stand (you can replace it with a bottle fill with water)

So, the first time we do is wash your wig. Some people don't recommend it to wash first, but i thought that the dirt also take part which make wig get tangled easily. Fill your bucket or basin with cold water, or if your wig is very dirty i suggest you to fill it with warm water and don't forget to not make it too hot, or the fiber will get damaged. The warm water makes the dirt loose and getting off from the fiber easily without we have to swirl the wig. Pour 1 cap of fabric softener for long hair wig or half cap for short hair wig to the water and mixed it.

Then put the wig to the mixture and leave it for half an hour. No need to swirl and don't rub the wig, since damp wig get damaged easily. The reason why i use fabric softener because majority of wig are synthetic or combination between human hair and synthetic fiber, also the purpose of softener is to give moisture to the fiber so it's easy to comb. For 100% Human hair wig you can wash it with human hair conditioner. The softener also reduce the shiny material from wig so it will look more natural.

After 30 minutes, rinse with cold water then raise it to drain the excess water, do not squeeze it. After the wash you might be reacted like: OMG it's getting worst! (((( ;°Д°)))) What i've done to my wig!!ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ

Don't panic, this is normal. when you get your wig wet, the fiber attach to each other. That's the reason why we must avoid rubbing the wig. It should be fine after it dry since the softener help to soften and loose the fiber.

drying process

Cover your wig with towel, and make sure to do it gently. Slowly press the towel to make sure that the water being absorb to the towel. Then let it be in order to make wig half damp.

wig stand

Put your wig to the wig stand after the excess water doesn't drip from wig anymore. Wind-aired it until it completely dry.

detangle spray

Spray your detangle solution to your wig, make sure to give some 15 cm space between spray and wig so the solution can spread evenly. Make sure don't sprayed it too much, it will turn out more oily. If you can't get the wig detangle spray, you can make it by mix hair conditioner or body lotion and clean water by ratio 1 : 6, put it to spray bottle. I got the recipe from someone from deviantart . Let the solution absorb to the wig for a few minutes.

finger tangle

Work with your finger first to remove some tangle, take your time and do it gently. Find the tangle with fingers, slowly move down and separate the tangle so it can be removed.  This method will work to separate big bunch of tangle and make the comb can separate smaller tangle easily. In case when you comb it first, the fiber will get fallen and we want to avoid that.

wide comb

You must be question why we use the wide tooth comb. Why we don't use wig brush? during my experience, wig brush make the fiber easily get fallen because of its structure. The bristle make the fiber get stuck and if we brush it by force the fiber will fall off. Wide tooth comb never make the fiber get stuck also make our job done easily. For curly wig i suggest you to work with your own finger, because if we comb the curly wig it will destroy the nice curl. For curly wig, finger are the best tool.

correct brush

Comb your wig evenly from bottom to top, reverse from our habit to comb our hair (from scalp to bottom). If you met the tangle comb it with half-flip move, push it gently to bottom until the fiber tangle-free.

wrong brush

Don't comb it from scalp to bottom, as it make the fiber fall easily.

Comb and separate the tangle until no tangle left, and you are done! for the frizz just remove it with a little bit of wig detangle spray and move your finger around. You can wear it afterward or just put it to the storage, and remember to do it gently to minimize the friction.

  • Purchase satin cap, because the surface are sleek and don't make any friction to the wig, make your wig frizz-free.
  • Braid your wig, to prevent your wig from tangle although it's just work for straight wig. For curly wig you can put it to the wig stand and cover it with wig cap.
  • Fill the hollow spot on your wig with paper. If you don't want to put it on the wig stand, fill it with paper so you can handle it easily. This method also work to minimize the tangle.
  • Invest your money for a good wig, i find that those cheap wig fiber are the thinnest, because of that, it will make the wig get more often tangled. The sewing isn't good so the fiber easily get fallen. If you invest nice wig, those wig are made from thick fiber and nice sewing, making it easy to handle and comb.
  • Avoid dust and dirt, as i mention above, the dirt also take part from make the fiber get tangled. keep it on manufactured package that brought along with wig which you bought.
  • Don't use hair spray or wash it with human hair shampoo or detergent, it makes the fiber coarse and lose the moisture.
  • Take your time, relax and do it gently.

Inspiration: ehow and deviantart

That's the tutorial from me, It's easy and you can do it at your own home.You don't have to spare your money for rescue your wig from tangle and frizz. Please comment below and give some tips, suggestion or question, i will reply it ASAP. You also can translate this article by translate button on right sidebar. Thank you for reading and bye! \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ


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