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Review: Diva Soul Black Lens

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Finally exam has ended so it's time to blogging! so much to do beside blogging with 4 months off, like take driving lesson, drawing (which i haven't done for the past one year TTATT ), hang out, etc. also i hope i can share some tutorial and tips to you guys^^.

Ok, for today's review it's about circle lens, which is Diva soul circle lens in black

source: google

Diva Soul lens are the first and the only one contact lens which have moisturizer and UV block, makes eyes fresh and keep moist even in longer use. Porous surface lenses and high water content which deliver oxygen to the eye perfectly.

Diva Soul Black lens

Diameter: 14.8 mm
Water content: 50%
BC: 8.6 mm
 Disposable: 1 Year


There are a few reason why i bought this lens: first i need it for inori cosplay (red eyes), but since it's such a pity if we just use one red lens just for one need so i decide to go black thus i can also used it daily. Second, the lens it's perfect for dolly eyes, even for cosplay & it gives BJD looks so it's looks fine on any cosplay that i portrayed. Third, cheaper than any lens because it's just mainstream and simple one tone lens.

Design / Pattern:
2 out of 5

Ordinary pattern, and it's quite boring since it's just one tone lens, but i found it blends naturally to my natural eye color, thanks to nice gap in the middle so it gives nice color gradient and dolly effect.

1 out of 5

As i mention above it's one tone lens, and it's black. the look that this lens give doesn't look alive and cheerful. I remember my mom called me broken doll because the color's impression, make my eyes look dead, but at the same thing it has dolly look. Dead, but dolly.

4 out of 5

It's more comfortable than my first lens, geo angel brown. the surface it's soft although it's thicker than geo. The 14.8 mm lens size which considered as big lens doesn't affect its comfort. Thanks to the moisturizer it can last 6 hours until i need a few drops of lens drop. My eyes breathe easily and don't have any iritation. In air conditionered room it's dry easily like any other lens. After 10 hours my vision's seems blurry, despite how much i put lens drop and whether i'm in outdoor or the room with air conditioner. Sometimes when i put it to my eyes there is some poke sensation, and feel a little discomfort. The sensation gone after the lens adjust to my eyes.

5 out of 5

Perfect for dolly eyes! but it needs makeup to balance the looks or your eyes will be like an alien. The enlargement quite noticeable and your friends will know that you wear circle lens. For daily look it's really suitable with Ulzzang makeup, so it can balance the lens with natural impression.

3 out of 5
I'm not really excited about the lens since it's not look quite natural and it might be boring for you who loves vibrant lens. but the lens has nice comfort and the enlargement are perfect for dolly eyes. i can't reccomend it for who want natural look or lazy to put makeup.

Aaaand, It's time to Camwhore!! pardon my dead face >A<


Ok, that's enough lol. thank you for reading and please follow me on GFC because i will make more update regularly^^. Also don't forget to leave comment or ask me so we can interact and can improve my blog. See you next time, bye :3


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