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Trip to Bandung: Daiso and Yarn Haul

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Hi there! still in holiday season, i wanna post about my recent haul^^ although it's not beauty related ~(>_<~). My family decide to stay on my father's office at Cikampek, West Java. You must be wandering why my father's office is far far away from my hometown in Jakarta.

Well, it's because my father works at Holticulture industry, and Jakarta's air aren't suitable for flower, because so many polution and hot. The company grew various tropical flower, like Anthurium, Orchid, Phalaenopsis, and four season flower like Gerbera and Lily. Their Orchid and Phalaenopsis are most popular product accross Indonesia and become the biggest holticulture company in Indonesia. The company also known in Holland, and Asian countries like Japan, Taiwan, Hongkong, & Singapore because the company export most of the product to them. BTW, if you live in Jakarta, you can get their Orchid and Phalaenopsis at Foodhall counter under label Ekakarya Graha Flora ( ´∀`)make sure you check them^^

My father himself works as marketing manager and spoke person for the company as well, and sometime being invited to many exhibition especially to Taiwan, which is TIOS (Taiwan International Orchid Show) the biggest orchid exhibition in the world. Last time my father invited as a judge on ikebana competition, because my father's name is quite famous on orchid industries. Because of that, my father only come home once a week.

Back to topic, because Cikampek is really close to Bandung since they connected through Padalarang freeway my mom decide to took me and my siblings to Bandung. It's quite boring on Cikampek because there are only Industries among places, like automotive, machinery, fertilizer etc. My mom took us to Veteran street to eat Batagor kingsley and Oyen ice, my most favourite dessert. Then go to Bandung Supermall (which already change name to Trans Studio Mall), accompany me to craft shop at ABC street and the last is our favourite mall, Paris Van Java.

On our trip to PVJ mall, i've met something interesting: Daiso!!

If you don't know about this shop, go google it!

It's been a while since i wanna visit Daiso, because i wanna find brush and sponge soap after i read reviews from many blogger. Unfortunately, the shop doesn't stock it, maybe because the shop is quite small so they don't stock many things as much as the bigger one in Jakarta.
Inside Daiso

My mom joined with me few minutes later, and get attracted on how cheap those things are, because there is no mirror when she trying a hat, she ask me to be her kameko and see if the hat fits her lol

My mom <3

Falsies ヾ(´□`* )ノ

But that's not my goal, although it's quite tempting (‘∀’●)

What is my Haul? here they are:

Daiso Haul
 Cleansing pad, Maki or sushi rolling mat, then table hook for bag. i bought the cleansing pad because i heard it helps exfoliate dead skin and make skin look cleaner, after using it for a few days, it help clean my skin, but can't decrease the existance of blackhead =____=". Table hook, actualy it's a redemption of my regret for not buying it at China. My mom bought table hook from china, and offering me to buy it, but i refused. Then i felt guilty after come back to Indonesia lol. I bought Maki since i'm prefer to make my own kimbap or sushi roll for my lunch after i've got to university, because i need something simple to eat. After getting used brought big, lousy lunch box, i decided that i'm want to simplifly my food because it's really embarrasing and troublesome have to brought separate big lunch box again like a kid lol, all in one bag now.

My haul from craft shop

 Recently, i've got myself into crochet to fill my vacant days before go to university. It's quite bothersome if you don't have any activity and stay at home. As a girl, if i don't have much things to do, i will wreak my boredom with window shopping and as you know, it ended with me emptied my bank account ( TДT). After i dive into the crochet world, the shopping urge had gone because i've been busy making things. Internet as usual become my guru to learn basic technique for making amigurumi (stuffed dolls), and i have requests from my friend to make doll and keychain. Just bought some cotton yarn and crochet hooks with different size.

Crochet hook sneak peak
When arrived at the shop, it's really huge! it tingling my fancies a little, and because we don't have much time, i'm brought myself a list and start to pick yarn color like a bolt. The shop owner quite surprised to see my enthusiasm and recommend tools to be paired with the yarn. Within five minutes, i got out with huge plastic bag on my hand ( ´∀`)

I got myself a milimeter block and paper clip to begun my ultimate operation: making scarf for my BF!! it's not your ordinary scarf, because i want to make it with a logo from his favorite series.

Diagram Pattern

I design the pattern to milimeter block so i knew the exact size to fit the scarf. If you know this logo, you are awesome :3. You must be wondering what is the purpose of the paper clip, well those paper clip are for stitch marker, so i don't forget how many row do i made. It's expensive to buy stitch marker, so i make my own after i saw the tutorial from internet.

You can try it as well, if you like maybe i can post my scarf progress (*・∀・)/\(・∀・*)

Thanks for reading, and see you on the next post^^

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ennichisai 2013 Day 1!! Report and My First Cosplay

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Hello guys! it's been a while since my last post, i have so many post on draft but i'm too lazy to complete it down hehe Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ

Ennichisai is the event which held in Indonesia's capital city, Jakarta. Ennichisai itself was held in an area called little Tokyo, Melawai street exactly, since most japanese people loves to gather there. because Indonesian people anthusiast for Japanese culture grew bigger, so they held this event to introduce Japanese traditional and Pop culture. For example, there is a lot of competition like cosplay, karaoke, etc. The stalls also full of Japanese products! from figure, food to yukata. I thought day one will be deserted rather than the last day which is the peak of the event. But, i was wrong in fact it was flooding with people! really insane! Warning: this post is bandwith killer!!

Credited to Massela Intianto
Personally i don't have much picture that represent the crowd, because i'm cosplay. yep, many people also took advantage of this event to cosplay. At first i didn't even think that i will being captured by camera lol, and i don't expect that there is will be a lot of kameko or photographer there. I'm very happy that it didn't turn out bad as i expect, even i met new friend and some kameko give name card for the next photo session^^. It flattered me a lot, many people don't hesitate to ask a picture with me, from young people to parents with their child, and there is an SPG want to take picture of me, awww it's really sweet :""3. I make an appoinment with my friend so he can took picture of me on the event.

Credited to Massela Intianto
This event is being held thanks to Jakarta governor and the Japanese embassy. Many Japanese people also gather to this place, and take part on this event too. Japanese children take part on mikoshi parade and the adults take part on bon odori and perform some japanese traditional dance and song. I really enjoy this event because i can feel the vibe of summer matsuri.

Credited to Massela Intianto
It's super crowded!! the area is really small, and the mall near the street also full of people who wait or want to take shelter from the sun. I want to watch the fireworks but i can't because i have to go home before dawn :""3.

Ok, i will spam you with some photos of my cosplay, forgive me if i'm out of character or my makeup is failed > w <.


Credited to Ervan.rvn

Credited to Massela Intianto

Credited to Massela Intianto

Credited to Massela Intianto

Credited to Ervan.rvn

Credited to Massela Intianto

Credited to Massela Intianto

And here some of my pictures which took by the visitor

Credited to Muhammad Bendafa

Credited to the owner took from their Instagram

Credited to the owner

The Parade at dawn credited to Massela Intianto
 Some people ask me why i don't bring my cosplay partner? because a lot of people who cosplaying this character bring their own partner, but i can't met my friend who cosplay as another character on this event ( ; w ; ). I felt really confused when i'm alone waiting my photographer friend, i was surrounded by kameko,  and i did the pose spontaniously since there is a lot people wait for me to take pictures with > w < and i really embarassed because i can't see the result. I hope i can improve my cosplay skills for the next event lol. Before i go home, i'm not forget to check the calligraphy stall and bring some goodies hehe^^ you can check it on my instagram Fuccuroya.

 Thanks a lot to people who contributed their picture to this post, i can express my gratitude more than this!

 Oh yeah, don't forget to check this awesome photographer! both are take awesome picture!

Massela Intianto


Ervan Rvn


Ok, this is the end of my post, if you want to add some informations and want me to highlight your pictures on this post, please kindly contact me via email or comment! or if you want to add some informations or there is something wrong on my information, please let me know^^ thanks for reading, bye!!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Review: Hadalabo Gokujyun Light Lotion (Indonesia Version)

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Hello, it's been two week since my last post. This will be my first post about skincare review. i have been using this product for 5 months, and i think the time has come for me to review.

I know this product for the first time when some of beauty blogger talk about Hadalabo product which made in Indonesia. All we know that this product has been a bomb in Japan because the moisturizing properties and help to refine the skin texture (why not? one lotion are sold within 2 seconds!). For us who not live in Japan, the product are super expensive, like $10 - $20 for each product. Gladly, Rohto Indonesia brought us the product and made it produce locally so we don't have to import it through japan (the shipping and tax are super expensive ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ)

The Formula and ingredients are the same as the original product from Japan, we don't have to worry that the product isn't as good as from japan^^. Since many beauty blogger already make a lot of review, this will be a quick review based on my own experience.

hadalabo lotion

With its slogan: perfect X simple, this product promise to retain skin from losing the moisture by lock the water using hyaluronic acid and doesn't contain fragrance, coloring or another additives which doesn't need by skin. Three type of hyaluronic acid can penetrates to the deepest part of skin and moisture skin for a long time.


The lotion texture are very light, as for Japan lotion means for toner and used after face wash to prepare skin to absorb another skincare products. You pour it to the palm of your hand and pat it gently to let it absorb. It takes time to absorb so no wonder it feels a little bit sticky for the first time. I bought Hadalabo gokujyun line since my face needs moisture and i have dry patches along my nose which is a bit annoying. After using this for months, my skin became supple and feel moisturized, also refine my skin texture a little and my pores got shrunk, although my scars haven't getting better yet. No breakout so far, even this calm my skin! my acne never get irritated anymore and no more dry patches! my skin less oily because it's well moisturize now. It also help another skincare product to absorb really fast. Before i used this product, i have to wait a couple minutes for moisturizer to absorb before makeup, now i don't have to wait anymore since the moisturizer now sunk within seconds! Amaziing! (ノ´ー`)ノ


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