Friday, November 22, 2013

Review: Purederm Collagen Eye Zone Mask

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Hi folks! i'm back with new skincare review^^. Recently, i have to stay up late night more often because i have a lot of task > w < and there is a price that i paid: double eyebag curse! uurrrgh, being a nocturnal makes my dark circle worsened & as i mentioned above, it adds an additional eyebag to my face TT w TT as an Asian naturally i have eyebags, now i have double eyebags each time i don't sleep & my friends notice it a lot..

See? those nasty eyebags..

I desperately need help, i search reviews to find a cream & miracle to my eyes. i tried many natural remedy, but it won't work, even it iritates my eyes.  I still hesitate to try eye cream, since it doesn't necessary because of my age. When i visit drugstore, i saw this product & randomly i grab it because i'm curious about how it's work.

Purederm Collagen Moist Eye-Zone Masks are rich in Collagen, Vitamin E, Green Tea Extract and Tropical Fruits. Diminish signs of tiredness and ageing, helping to reduce eye puffiness, dark circles, shadows and uneven skin tones under the eyes. Provide intensive hydration, helping restore moisture and elasticity to the skin. Each re-sealable zippy-bag contains 30 individual, disposable Collagen Eye-Zone Masks which are covenient & easy to use. Suitable for all skin types.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Where am i for the last one month?

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Hello! today i'm back with my random daily of college's life, as you know that for one month i haven't update my blog post, sorry TT w TT i hope i can adapt with the situation & find any chance to blog, tehee^^.

I thought you must be curious about how i am doing even that i have to vacuum a little bit from blogging. As you know from the recent post, i'm now an art student. In my University, in the first year we have to go through the base stage, which means we have to learn all the basics before we decide our specialities studies. On the base stage, it's the most hectic stage among all. Luckily, most of the lecturer & the environment are really friendly, although there's one or two which is kinda annoying for most students here.

For introduction, I give you this video to tell how cool my faculty are:

It's in Indonesian though, but i hope you can understand haha.

Aaaaaand, this is my art gallore!!

my assignment X persona 4 clear file!

Some of my assignment

Snippet of my workspace

What do you think guys? i'm feel really bad since i have to neglect my blog like this (T_T). After the exam finish, i'll update it with some reviews & makeup tutorial^^ see you on the next post, bye!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Review: Shobi Decorative False Lashes in Play Cool

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Hi folks! back again with review post^^ finally i can make another post in the middle of my college hectic activity, but overall i'm really enjoy my life to the fullest now! how about your days guys? did something interesting happened recently?

OK, today's review will be false lashes from shobi aka Playgirl in Play Cool ( ´∀`)

Let's see what's my verdict about this lashes!

Shobi Play Cool lashes are one of few variant that accentuate more volume. The mix of criss cross design & pointy lashes gives us more definition to the eye, makes it more open & glamour in natural way. The lashes design itself looks similar to Diamond Lashes in Glamorous eye.

It also have black thick band, when we use the lashes, the band will act like eyeliner & make it blend easily to our eyes. Lashes material are made from plastic, although it's not too shiny & very flexible, so we don't have to bend it. The length is perfect to fit asian eyes, we don't need to cut it too. The lashes also easier to clean, thanks to the thick band.

It's time to continue to some falsies on action, before that pardon my uncolored brow & annoying pimples. I'm just too lazy to put makeup on <(_ _)>

Front view
From below


I'm quite satisfied with the design, it does make our lashes looks full & the length is fit my eyes. But i also looking the design which can use daily. Too bad that Play Cool can't allow that.


Very comfy~ although the design is dramatic, but it won't weight down my eyes at all.


I love this lashes! it's perfect for cosplay photoshoot & night party. Definitely fit its title: Play Cool, makes our eyes looks awesome!

  1. Voluminous, makes our eyes full & pop
  2. Easy to clean
  3. Doesn't need eyeliner to blend
  4. Fit asian eyes
  5. Light
  1. Doesn't fit for daily looks
  2. Priceey ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ

Repurchase? nope, i want to try Diamond Lashes & Shobi Play Cute XD. For you Indonesian people, you can get it on Kay Collection , they sell through department stores & offer online shop services too. I hope my review helps & keep make better post in the future. Thanks for reading & have a nice day \(★´−`)人(´▽`★)/

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Review: Palty Hard Bleach Gold Brown

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Hi! today i'll review my first bleaching product^^ this will be a quick review based on my hair condition since many people wrote a lot of review on this product. I hope this will be a guide for one who has hair condition similar like me, please enjoy ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Palty are the most popular hair dye in Japan, besides Liese, Beauteen & Beautylabo. Their range of color are quite wide & penetrates deeply to the notorious black asian hair with less harm to hair. I have seen a lot of review when considering buying this product, let's see what's my thought about this product.

Basically, my hair is given black & thick, but prone to breakage & hair fall. I ever dye my hair once with henna, but because my stupidity, i dilute it with too much water & the color comes up just like a highlight on my hair. Henna is famous for covering whole hair shaft, make the hair pores smaller & get the hair dye difficult to penetrate. Henna also really hard to remove. Although it's just a thin layer, i really scared that the color won't show well so i have to clean the henna layer a bit so my hair dye can works better. I use clarifying shampoo & it doing well.

The result chart, i want to achieve light hair, so i leave it longer. My expectation that my hair color would be same as the chart.

What you got inside the box:

The guide is quite helpful, since i bought it in singapore, the guide comes in four languange: English, Japanese, Korean & Chinese.

On the back of the box, you can see there is a hole pattern. You have to open it for the bottle when you mix the mixture. It's quite helpful because my hand tend to shake a lot.

My "virgin" hair

Friday, September 6, 2013

September Haul!

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Hello ladies! another haul post from me^^. After busy college, finaly i can update my blog. So much product to review & i'm really satisfied with it, it's much better rather than making tutorial post lol. I hope i have sponsors so i can provide a lot of review here, since i'm bankrupt in college now ( TДT) My field of study (visual communication design) requires a lot of money, effort & time to make the assignment, no wonder most of design students having panda eyes... i really enjoy it, but it's really sad to face the fact that you go broke just in one week lol

Back to topic, i was managing to have these haul since i'm still keeping the money from my relation. At first, i want to buy the candy doll duo cheek blusher & diamond eyelashes & ask ms. Stella Lee since she opened the shopping service on her trip. But, she can't find both of them, & ask her friend to buy the lashes online, but i have to pick it up on 6 Sept, when the AFA is being held. I have to get it before the event, so she offer me to refund all the money.. OMG, it's really kind of her..

The haul
My haul consist of: VCO, Gatsby Moving Rubber in Airy Rise, Shobi Decorative Eyelashes in #Play Cool, Diamond Beauty Eyebrow Concealer, & Ichikami Shampoo.

I got the VCO & brow mascara online, lashes from kaycollection, the wax & ichikami shampoo from watsons.

I find that these duo are my favorite hair care! the ichikami shampoo smells delicious & free from sulfates & silicones, since i have to avoid sulfates as one cause of my constant hair fall. I use the VCO as my pre-poo routine, the texture is quite heavy & thick, but it absorbs easily. After one use, i can find an improvement for my hairfall & notice some new growth after use it twice. I'm just apply the oil on my hair-ends, wrap it with my hair cap & using the hairdryer, i warm it for 15 minutes. I find it much more convenient rather that warm the oil with stove. The shampoo is very liquidy & doesn't foam a lot, like any other sulfate-free shampoo.

I really glad that my university near shopping mall! i get it after school to subtitute my diamond lashes. Since i have naturally long lashes, i'm looking lashes which boost the volume. I tried it & i found that it looks not as dramatic as in the box, quite natural but i don't have much courage to use it daily =___="

Image change kit
I decide to dye my hair! i also cut it to short bob. i bought the dye on singapore when it goes on sale, so lucky! in fact, that's the last stock on the shop (ノ>▽<。)ノ i love the brow mascara too, the color is perfect & conceal my thick brow perfectly, review coming soon! For the wax, i'm trying to make some volume, since my haircut is very boring without any styling.

Oh yeah, i also got sponsored by team! i'm very glad that they chose me to review this product & give a lot of time to review. Since the deadline is far, i decide to use it for one week before giving my thought.

So, what do you think about these product? i hope i can make good review each week within my activities^^ see you on the next post, bye!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Simple Ulzzang Makeup Tutorial

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Hello folks! meet me again in this tutorial post ( ´∀`)today, i'll show you another tutorial about ulzzang makeup! i try to make it as simple as possible so beginners can follow this tutorial & feel free to adjust it to your preferences^^

Selca time!

Product i used:
Diva Soul Circle Lens in Black
Lancome Tendre Voyage
Etude House Drawing Show Creamy Liner in Brown
Tony Moly Berry Magic Tint Balm
Maybelline Mascara
Noona Lipgloss

What do you think? hope this tutorial helps^^ next tutorial post will be moe girls cosplay makeup: Tsutsukakushi Tsukiko, stay tuned! (‘∀’●)♡

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Cat Beret Hat: Dupe of Olive des Olive Beret Hat & More Crochets!

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Hello guys, How are you doing there? i hope you can enjoy this post since i'll flood it with a lots of WIP ( work in progress) & Amigurumi photos (○’ω’○)

Well, as you see from the post about my yarn haul, i'm started to crochet to fill my boring vacation, next week i'll have to prepare for college & finally go outside the house, yayo口(・∀・ )

I saw post from cominica & see the cutest hat that i've ever seen * w *, although it will be release in Indonesia soon, but i don't have much money b'cause cosplay & stuff haha. I thought it would be a money saver if i can make it by myself^^. After browsing the crochet pattern for the hat & cat ears, i encourage myself to do it (' w ')9

I started it with making magic chain of six, then expanded it to the size that i want. the key is that you have to expanded it as much as possible, and the challenge here, is to keep it flat. You don't want it curling that much, because it won't be a beret hat if you do.

After it reach the size as you see on the picture, i stop increase it & start to crochet as usual to build the hat.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lancome Tendre Voyage Pallete Review + Swatches

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Hello guys, while waiting my anime episode to come out i'll review about my first & new pallete from lancome (´ε` )♡ My dad bought me this pallete from duty free shop, and although he doesn't have a sense about makeup & my taste, his choice is  good^^

Ok, let's jump to the swatch & my verdict about this product! (●´∀`●)

Personally, i think that the packaging is really simple & very grown-up like, with floral embossed on its pallete. The pallete are small and can fit bags easily, so we can brought it for touch-up while travel.

it's also come with a pouch, to prevent dust entering the pallete. But, i found it attracts dust easily when i keep it on the storage, since it was made with flanel fabrics. Since the pouch attracts dust, i prefer to keep it in my bag without the pouch.

inside the pallete
This is what you'll get from the pallete:

Powder Eyeshadow (Color Focus & Ombre Absolue), the colors are very neutral & natural, it has subtle glitter on the brown color. When swatched, the glitters disappear & make the brown color look more soft rather than on the pallete, while the pink color are more in coppery color & the gold one has more chunky glitter, it makes the gold color are the color that i rarely use. the texture of the eyeshadow is like satin, quite pigmented, but sometimes is really hard to blend on eyelid. Perfect for Ulzzang & Mori girl looks.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

FOTD: Let's Doll Up!!

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Hello again (´▽`)ノ♪ i'm back with my first FOTD :3 actually i make this look for submission for modelling job, i don't have high hope for this one, because the selection are really tight and many beautiful people out there who's ready to beat me lol. I'm just a newbie on makeup world. especially on modelling (look at my cosplay post here) if i get one, i'm the lucky girl lol

for the makeup, actually i get inspiration from this lolita tutorial, the model is Midori-chan who's do modelling for Kera & Gothic Lolita Bible magazine.

Credited to littlegaly

OMG, Midori-chan is really cute there <3 It's really simple tutorial, and fit the doll theme for the photo.

ok, it's the time for my photo, i hope you don't freak out ( ;´Д`)

tried to imitate midori-chan pose, but failed ・゜・(ノД`)

WTF da pose do i make?! ( ̄^ ̄)

Close up look on makeup

Makeup that i used:

Etude House Bright Fit BB Cream in Sand Beige
Revlon Colorstay Blemish Concealer
Pigeon Translucent Powder
Lancome Tendre Voyage Pallete

Diva Circle Lens in Black
Lancome Tendre Voyage Pallete
Maybelline Long Extreme Double Lash Mascara
Etude House Drawing Show Creamy Liner in Brown
Local Natural False Lashes

Candy Doll Lipstick in Ramune Pink
Pink Lipgloss (sorry, i forgot the brand)
Red Lipgloss (same as the pink gloss)

Ok dear, i hope i can improve my makeup and pose, since i don't really familiar with camera, just recently i love to get posed on camera, idk why... 〆(・∀・@)

please leave your comment & critique bellow^^ . See you on next post, bye (´ε` )♡

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Why We Should Avoid Silicone Products?

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Hello, sorry if had been lack of post, because i'm really tired after traveling, and now i'm getting flu and my skin brokeout too hehe. Wait until i fully recover, i wanna share about my own experience about silicone hair products.

Well, actually there is no problem behind this substance, it can make your hair shiny, smooth, hold your hair style, etc. but i want to share about the long term impact of it. Believe it, it's really worst

My hair problem was started a couple years ago, when in the end of middle school. I had dandruff problem because i'm wearing helmet while driving motorcycle to school. I tried many dandruff product, but it just temporary healed, and after i not used it, the dandruff comes back. At first, i thought it's because my scalp are humid since i wear helmet, and i don't really think about it, so i continued using dandruff shampoo for years. I never been have any problem about my hair before, my hair is quite thick, never experience tangled, and easy to comb by hand. In fact, it's a blessing for me, although my scalp type is oily.

But, after getting to high school, my hair problem gotten worst. After dandruff, now my scalp have something like buid-up on it, something like clear yellow plastic substance and experiencing hair breakage, which something that i've never had before. I never use conditioner and continue to change shampoo, from one to another. My scalp is itch too, and everytime i scratch the build-up in order to clear it up i ended up bleed myself and the build-up is never vanished. I've never had something really bad like this before. I never had such an embarassment to see my dandruff falling like snow everytime i scratch it ( TДT)

But thank God, now i'm understand the cause of my hair problem:

It's Silicone!!!!

It gives your hair a short-lived, false sense of smooth, shiny voluminous hair. The coating prevents essential oils and moisture from penetrating the hair, and as a result deprives it of much needed nutrients to be healthy. In the long run, hair will be dehydrated and more damaged. It creates buildup and residue, can clog hair follicles, cause your scalp to be dry and itchy and also lead to hair loss. For those who dye their hair, silicone also causes the dye to fade much faster as you are mostly colouring the coating and not the hair shaft, and weight your hair down and prevent your hair had volume. (from Nanarabu's post)

Few months ago, i stumbled upon Nanarabu's Post about the bad effect of silicone, and she says that the silicone can make the hair color fade faster because it covers the hair shaft, and my plan is to bleach my hair ASAP, so i have to eliminate the silicon first. She also had similar problem with me, and it makes me believe that the silicone is the source of my problem.

So, i've decide to search no-silicone product, but sadly...

credited to

Most of supermarket & drugstore product are contained silicone [´・ω・`]

Fortunately, i can find one shampoo to clarify the silicone buildup. I know it from my dad, it's Pantene Lively Clean. My dad have oily scalp like me, and i remember that he said that he own a shampoo that's makes your hair less oily, so i checked it. It's no-silicone product!! yeay!! i'm so happy!! but it contain sulfate as surfactant so i don't recommend it for people who dye their hair, because sulfate can make hair color fade faster too.

Silicone only can be eliminate by using surfactant shampoo because most silicone on hair product are non water soluble ( but, some surfactant can be harsh to your hair, making it looks like hay & deep fried, and i'm experience it on the beginning when i started using the clarifying shampoo. Nanarabu says that it's normal, because the shampoo started to erase the silicone coats on your hair. After the silicone coats dissapear on 4 weeks or 6 weeks, your hair will be smooth again, especially when you using no-cone conditioner.

That's true, now after using it for a few weeks everyday, my hair is smooth again! although i'm not using conditioner. in fact, it's more healthier than before. My dandruff is gone now, since the silicone buildup that cause my scalp dry (yeah, not only fungus, dandruff's number one cause is dry scalp) is disappeared, and gain volume. The shampoo also make my hair feel clean for 2 days, but i wash it everyday with the shampoo to erase the henna coat too (i once dyed my hair with henna, and it fails because i dillute it with too much water lol) and the henna coat is slowly disappear.

I'm never feel so happy before (●´∀`●)

Now, i'm aware about the ingredients of my hair product, because the silicone-effect is really bad.

 The list of the silicone that you should avoid:

  • Cetearyl Methicone 
  • Cetyl Dimethicone 
  • Dimethicone
  • Dimethiconol
  • Stearyl Dimethicone
  • Cyclomethicone
  • Cyclopentasiloxane
  • Phenyl Trimethicone
  • Stearoxy Dimethicone
  • Trimethylsilylamodimetheicone
and another ingredients ending in -cone or -xane. For those who want to find non-silicone hair styling product, find those product which contain silicates or silica and polymer, they're more gentler than non-water silicone but still can hold your hair style well, but not as good as silicone based products. Silicates are naturally occuring, meanwhile silicone are synthethically ocurring, and silicates doesn't leave any residue on your hair and it's water soluble. There's water soluble silicone too, but it can leave buildup for longer time.

Silicates also act as emulsion stabilizers and help prevent flocculation of ingredients. They have been found to have some beneficial properties for hair because they can help remove impurities and improve the health of the scalp. But, Silicates do not provide significant conditioning, detangling, thermal or color protection, nor do they impart gloss to hair like the silicone does. Their primary benefit is to the physical properties (viscosity and shelf stability) of the formula in which they are included.

Common Silicates in Hair Products:
  • Aluminum magnesium trisilicate
  • Zirconium silicate
  • Calcium silicate
  • Sodium Silicate
  • Bentonite Clay, sodium or calcium bentonite
  • Montmorillonite clay


Ok, i hope you can realize the impact of silicone product, and please leave comment so i know what you're thinking. Because i'm gonna bleach my hair soon, i will change my product to The Body Shop Rainforest Radiance  shampoo & conditioner for colored hair to prolong my hair color. Do you have any suggestion for non-silicone hair product? please share it here ヽ(´ー`)ノ. Thanks for reading, bye!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Trip to Bandung: Daiso and Yarn Haul

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Hi there! still in holiday season, i wanna post about my recent haul^^ although it's not beauty related ~(>_<~). My family decide to stay on my father's office at Cikampek, West Java. You must be wandering why my father's office is far far away from my hometown in Jakarta.

Well, it's because my father works at Holticulture industry, and Jakarta's air aren't suitable for flower, because so many polution and hot. The company grew various tropical flower, like Anthurium, Orchid, Phalaenopsis, and four season flower like Gerbera and Lily. Their Orchid and Phalaenopsis are most popular product accross Indonesia and become the biggest holticulture company in Indonesia. The company also known in Holland, and Asian countries like Japan, Taiwan, Hongkong, & Singapore because the company export most of the product to them. BTW, if you live in Jakarta, you can get their Orchid and Phalaenopsis at Foodhall counter under label Ekakarya Graha Flora ( ´∀`)make sure you check them^^

My father himself works as marketing manager and spoke person for the company as well, and sometime being invited to many exhibition especially to Taiwan, which is TIOS (Taiwan International Orchid Show) the biggest orchid exhibition in the world. Last time my father invited as a judge on ikebana competition, because my father's name is quite famous on orchid industries. Because of that, my father only come home once a week.

Back to topic, because Cikampek is really close to Bandung since they connected through Padalarang freeway my mom decide to took me and my siblings to Bandung. It's quite boring on Cikampek because there are only Industries among places, like automotive, machinery, fertilizer etc. My mom took us to Veteran street to eat Batagor kingsley and Oyen ice, my most favourite dessert. Then go to Bandung Supermall (which already change name to Trans Studio Mall), accompany me to craft shop at ABC street and the last is our favourite mall, Paris Van Java.

On our trip to PVJ mall, i've met something interesting: Daiso!!

If you don't know about this shop, go google it!

It's been a while since i wanna visit Daiso, because i wanna find brush and sponge soap after i read reviews from many blogger. Unfortunately, the shop doesn't stock it, maybe because the shop is quite small so they don't stock many things as much as the bigger one in Jakarta.
Inside Daiso

My mom joined with me few minutes later, and get attracted on how cheap those things are, because there is no mirror when she trying a hat, she ask me to be her kameko and see if the hat fits her lol

My mom <3

Falsies ヾ(´□`* )ノ

But that's not my goal, although it's quite tempting (‘∀’●)

What is my Haul? here they are:

Daiso Haul
 Cleansing pad, Maki or sushi rolling mat, then table hook for bag. i bought the cleansing pad because i heard it helps exfoliate dead skin and make skin look cleaner, after using it for a few days, it help clean my skin, but can't decrease the existance of blackhead =____=". Table hook, actualy it's a redemption of my regret for not buying it at China. My mom bought table hook from china, and offering me to buy it, but i refused. Then i felt guilty after come back to Indonesia lol. I bought Maki since i'm prefer to make my own kimbap or sushi roll for my lunch after i've got to university, because i need something simple to eat. After getting used brought big, lousy lunch box, i decided that i'm want to simplifly my food because it's really embarrasing and troublesome have to brought separate big lunch box again like a kid lol, all in one bag now.

My haul from craft shop

 Recently, i've got myself into crochet to fill my vacant days before go to university. It's quite bothersome if you don't have any activity and stay at home. As a girl, if i don't have much things to do, i will wreak my boredom with window shopping and as you know, it ended with me emptied my bank account ( TДT). After i dive into the crochet world, the shopping urge had gone because i've been busy making things. Internet as usual become my guru to learn basic technique for making amigurumi (stuffed dolls), and i have requests from my friend to make doll and keychain. Just bought some cotton yarn and crochet hooks with different size.

Crochet hook sneak peak
When arrived at the shop, it's really huge! it tingling my fancies a little, and because we don't have much time, i'm brought myself a list and start to pick yarn color like a bolt. The shop owner quite surprised to see my enthusiasm and recommend tools to be paired with the yarn. Within five minutes, i got out with huge plastic bag on my hand ( ´∀`)

I got myself a milimeter block and paper clip to begun my ultimate operation: making scarf for my BF!! it's not your ordinary scarf, because i want to make it with a logo from his favorite series.

Diagram Pattern

I design the pattern to milimeter block so i knew the exact size to fit the scarf. If you know this logo, you are awesome :3. You must be wondering what is the purpose of the paper clip, well those paper clip are for stitch marker, so i don't forget how many row do i made. It's expensive to buy stitch marker, so i make my own after i saw the tutorial from internet.

You can try it as well, if you like maybe i can post my scarf progress (*・∀・)/\(・∀・*)

Thanks for reading, and see you on the next post^^


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