Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year Haul and Mini Old Treasures

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It's already new year \(O w O)/ 

2012 walks really fast huh? i hope we can learn the wisdom from the past and walk through the year with courage and happiness^^

Anyway, recently i went to three places with my mom siblings, first is pasar pagi mangga dua, itc mangga dua and last is mangga dua mall. At first we want to buy daily needs, like my bro goes his way to mangga dua mall to search cables and computer accessories and the ladies went to search lovely bags and clothes. Me myself want to buy gel eyeliner and backpack since my reebok backpack was really dull. But in the end, we went berserk and bought a lot of things ._______. (Blame new year sale for it :p )

Monday, December 24, 2012

Sparkleapple Circle Lens Giveaway

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Hello! in this post, i will tell you the event of the month! it's giveaway time by sparkleapple!!

yay, i'm really happy cause the winners can pick the lenses for free^^ well, i hope i can win this time :3

if you want to join, simply follow her blog and follow the rules here

the giveaway open internationally, so better to give it a try, the giveaway will be end on 19.01.2013

Two Months Haul

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Review: ODBO lip tint

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Hello!^^ it's already december, sorry if i don't post really often because of my routines, and i already on my seniors time, it's really getting serious and busy >A<
ok, back to the topic. this lip tint doesn't have much review about it and people must now this cheap tint. here is the review

ODBO tint

ODBO tint it's quite popular on my homeland because it's super cheap since you get the etude or tony moly lip tint size with price just a quart from them (the ODBO tint just 2$) and it's super pigmented><.
oh yeah, ODBO it's the brand manufactured in thailand, i think the product is good since it get license from korea. (refer to update below)

Review: Acnes Pressed Powder

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Hi!^^ i will review about my compact powder, from acnes. if you live in south east asia you must be knew this brand. it have licensed by mentholatum USA which is one of well known companies for skincare. on Indonesia, Acnes was produced by Rohto Laboratories. i saw a lot of nice reviews about this brand and really tempted to try the compact powder since i have a lot of small pimples and it promise to cure acne and help recover blemish.

Da Product

Review: Dariya Hair Velcro

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Hi guys! for my first preview i'm gonna review dariya hair velcro^^. as you know this stuff is so popular around the world. many peeps like it b'cause it's really simple and grip your hair without making it changed after use. i got it from local online shop and buy two pack because i desperately need it. usually i use headband, but my hair will distend and expand after use so i have to heat it before go to school (you don't want to see a piece of your hair stand up like needle,right?)

Ok, this is the preview of the product

Dariya front
Dariya back
at first i though it will grip up to my scalp like hairclip do, but it doesnt! i felt little dissapointed and afraid that it will lost my grip when i sleep or eat. but after take an hour to try, it didn't. although the hair velcro didn't grip much hair, it won't move and keep my hair steady.


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