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Yanagi Nagi Ambivalentidea Inspired Makeup Tutorial

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Hello peeps, this week post is about makeup tutorial inspired from doujin's famous songwriter and singer, Yanagi Nagi. If you familiar with anime or doujin (indie) Japan music you must be familiar with this name too. I will give you some of her information^^

Nagi Yanagi is a Japanese singer-songwriter from Kansai, Japan and is signed to Geneon. Initially, she sung and produced music independently beginning in 2005. Between 2009 and 2011, Yanagi was the vocalist for the music group Supercell. Yanagi is collaborating with composer Jun Maeda of Key to produce the original concept album Owari no Hoshi no Love Song to be released in spring 2012. Yanagi will release her single "Vidro Moyō" in February 2012, which is used as the ending theme to the anime Ano Natsu de Matteru.

When she show her face on public for the first time, i was amazed! Her face are gorgeous as her goddess-like voice! (*°∀°)=3 you can search on nico nico douga or youtube for her work, i doubt you will hate her ー( ̄~ ̄)ξ

Ok, back to the tutorial, i took my inspiration from one of her single "Ambivalentidea" because she looked really sweet and calm like forest girl, and it's very simple look. This tutorial will be my own version to express her makeup there, so pardon me if i don't look 100% similar like her (/_\)

Let's start!!

First, start with your clean face. Don't forget to do basic skincare: cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. I already put my circle lens, lipbalm and wrap my hair with wig cap since i will use my wig here hehe (^^ゞ

 Apply your favorite makeup base, primer or pore balm. Since i used pore balm, i apply only on my T-zone and acne scars. i used Holika Holika Pore Stem Cover Balm, you can see the review here. This step is optional, you can skip this. But, i suggest you to apply it for more oil control and extend the makeup's stay power.

It's time to Foundation / BB cream!! dot it into small dot gently to your face, don't forget to apply it on your jaw and neck for perfect blending. Then, blend with your sponge, foundation brush or your finger with dabbing motion. I used Etude House Bright Fit BB Cream in Sand beige.

I've got this tip from Cominica. Warm your hand and put it to your face and neck, it will help foundation / BB cream melt and blend to your face for more natural complexion.

Conceal your imperfection. I conceal my acne, scars, dark circle and my lip. Blend it gently. Product used: Revlon Colorstay Concealer.

Set it with loose powder or pressed powder, up to you. Use sponge because the concealer will lost its function if you buff it with brush, and it's not recommended for dry or combination skin because it will minor-peeling your skin and make it flaky (from gossmakeupartist). Pat it lightly.

Remove the excess powder with brush, don't forget to do it gently.

I use Lancome Tendre Voyage Palette for this tutorial, but you can use any product with similar color. Apply the eye base to make it more vibrant and smooth (optional) and make your eyebrow. I won't show how to make the eyebrow since my eyebrow is already thick.


 Apply Color number 4 (gold) to your upper eyelid, highlight your brow bone too.

Apply color number 1 (copper-pink color) on half of your eyelid along the area within the line.

Make a line on the closest area of your lashline using color number 2 (brown) and extend it to the outer corner of your eye, this will define your eye shape.

Blend the harsh line with brush.

Tightline your eye with brown liquid or gel liner downward. Droopy eye will make you look cute and define almond-shaped eyes. I use Etude House Drawing Show Creamy liner.

Curl your eyelashes and apply mascara, It will make your lashes can hold false lashes more. product used: Maybelline Long Extreme Double Stretch Mascara.

Apply natural half false lashes following the line that you make earlier. We use half lashes because we just want to make eye look droopier in natural way. Half lashes which you can use is from dolly wink otona version number 4. If you in tight budget, just cut your false lashes into half, and you're done. I just use an unbranded false lashes (single, not a pair) and cut it into two parts for both eyes.

Apply mascara generously to your lower lashes.

Using the same brown color eyeshadow, shade your nose line.

Shade your nose bridge and cupid bow using gold eyeshadow, this will make your nose look sharp. Blend it with finger.

Apply rose-pink blush to the apple of your cheek. Remember, don't put it too much.

Apply your favorite nude lipstick. I use Wardah Matte lipstick in Nude Peach.

Blend the outer edge of your lip for more natural look.

And... done!

Put my wig and get ready for some selca (●´∀`●) I apologize if i doesn't really looked like Nagi or if it's too dramatic ~(>_<~)

So, what do you think? Please put your comment bellow^^ and thanks for reading! bye


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