Saturday, March 15, 2014

Unofficial Model Debut! Random Things , Small Haul & Updates

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Hi girls, it's me again posting about my life (again) lol. i'll make a lot posts like this as an intermezzo between review & such. I hope you don't get bored with it^^

Recently, lots of schedule has been changed & it mark the beginning of the semester. Thank God, i have one holiday each week & i can rest peacefully now. I learn new things, mostly digital art. What really makes me enthusiast is that i have photography lesson, which really support my blogging life. now i can learn to correct my photos & composition to make my posts better. well, photography will be the topic this time, & it's related with this post title for sure.

The story begins when we have to brought our camera for the first time, since most of the students don't have DSLR camera, we have to group with the one who have camera & take the picture alternately. luckily, my pops gave me his old DSLR camera so i don't have to pick groups. let the people decided lol.

Then, our lecturer told us that we have to take pictures outside. My friends really confused on what picture do have we take since the campus area is really big but there's nothing that really catch our interest. So, i told my friend i was really bored, let them play with my camera & i started to lay on the grass fields. it's really peaceful until my friend starts to take pictures of me, sleeping on the grass

After that pictures, my other friends start snapping more picture of me ┗┐ヽ(′Д、`*)ノ┌┛

Lolz :D

Friday, February 7, 2014

Review: Diamond Beauty Brow Concealer in Caramel Brown

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Hello fellas, long time no see! This time i will review my first brow mascara from diamond beauty. I bought this mascara since i don't want to dye my brow when i done my hair color with palty. At first i wanna try dolly wink brow mascara, but it has a lots of glitter which not my favorite.

Diamond beauty is not a new brand, they provided a lots of makeup & i find it cheaper rather than dolly wink or candy doll. From this picture, you can guess that is quite similar with diamond lash. Yep, diamond lash are the one who release this brand. Unfortunately, they don't get much popularity outseas & not much blogger who review the product.  This brow mascara also has a lots of color, ranging from blonde, brown & redish tone.

The packaging is very classic & girly, with bling bling on the top cap * w * made from plastic with glossy finish but not easy to scratch.

you can see the quantity with the shade & other information written in the bottom.

You can see why it's named concealer, because the consistency is thick , creamy & more dense than any brow mascara, you can wear it alone without brow powder & the formula makes this mascara can cover your original brow color perfectly. It has glitters too but not visible like dolly wink.

But i found the bristles applicator are quite sucks, it's really short that it really hard to reach the roots. The formula also dry fast, if you apply it slow, you can get the flaky results. Usually, i apply this mascara by apply a little tension so it can reach the roots with one fast swipe . The applicator usually pick up too much product, before i take it to my brow, i wipe it to the side of the bottle to remove the excess.

In this picture you find that the mascara doesn't really conceal the brow, but in real world it does beautifully.

The mascara stay as long you don't rub it or wipe it with water. It's sweatproof but not waterproof & it's not a hassle to clean.

See? when it contact with water, it won't run. It still stays even until the water dries up as long as you don't rub.

ta-daaa~ it's easy to clean right? don't have to wash it with warm water or makeup remover, facial wash will do the job!

My Verdict

I really love the coverage this product give, it conceal my thick brows really good. but diamond beauty has to fix the wand, it annoys me when putting this mascara. It dry fast, but some of you would not satisfied with it because it will give flaky brow look, although i don't really mind about the formula. i guess this mascara will last for good, it needs tiny amount to cover the entire brow, & maybe last forever since many people who use brow mascara are the ones with thin brows lololol

  • Good coverage
  • Easy to clean
  • Sweatproof
  • Cute packaging
  • Short-haired wand
  • Dry too fast, it will give problems for some people

Repurchase? absolutely yes! it's my first ever brow mascara that i really loves^^. I've got it from miaw lens for IDR.155.000 ( around $14), the price is the same with other brow mascara. You have to give it a shot!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Review: Purederm Collagen Eye Zone Mask

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Hi folks! i'm back with new skincare review^^. Recently, i have to stay up late night more often because i have a lot of task > w < and there is a price that i paid: double eyebag curse! uurrrgh, being a nocturnal makes my dark circle worsened & as i mentioned above, it adds an additional eyebag to my face TT w TT as an Asian naturally i have eyebags, now i have double eyebags each time i don't sleep & my friends notice it a lot..

See? those nasty eyebags..

I desperately need help, i search reviews to find a cream & miracle to my eyes. i tried many natural remedy, but it won't work, even it iritates my eyes.  I still hesitate to try eye cream, since it doesn't necessary because of my age. When i visit drugstore, i saw this product & randomly i grab it because i'm curious about how it's work.

Purederm Collagen Moist Eye-Zone Masks are rich in Collagen, Vitamin E, Green Tea Extract and Tropical Fruits. Diminish signs of tiredness and ageing, helping to reduce eye puffiness, dark circles, shadows and uneven skin tones under the eyes. Provide intensive hydration, helping restore moisture and elasticity to the skin. Each re-sealable zippy-bag contains 30 individual, disposable Collagen Eye-Zone Masks which are covenient & easy to use. Suitable for all skin types.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Where am i for the last one month?

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Hello! today i'm back with my random daily of college's life, as you know that for one month i haven't update my blog post, sorry TT w TT i hope i can adapt with the situation & find any chance to blog, tehee^^.

I thought you must be curious about how i am doing even that i have to vacuum a little bit from blogging. As you know from the recent post, i'm now an art student. In my University, in the first year we have to go through the base stage, which means we have to learn all the basics before we decide our specialities studies. On the base stage, it's the most hectic stage among all. Luckily, most of the lecturer & the environment are really friendly, although there's one or two which is kinda annoying for most students here.

For introduction, I give you this video to tell how cool my faculty are:

It's in Indonesian though, but i hope you can understand haha.

Aaaaaand, this is my art gallore!!

my assignment X persona 4 clear file!

Some of my assignment

Snippet of my workspace

What do you think guys? i'm feel really bad since i have to neglect my blog like this (T_T). After the exam finish, i'll update it with some reviews & makeup tutorial^^ see you on the next post, bye!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Review: Shobi Decorative False Lashes in Play Cool

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Hi folks! back again with review post^^ finally i can make another post in the middle of my college hectic activity, but overall i'm really enjoy my life to the fullest now! how about your days guys? did something interesting happened recently?

OK, today's review will be false lashes from shobi aka Playgirl in Play Cool ( ´∀`)

Let's see what's my verdict about this lashes!

Shobi Play Cool lashes are one of few variant that accentuate more volume. The mix of criss cross design & pointy lashes gives us more definition to the eye, makes it more open & glamour in natural way. The lashes design itself looks similar to Diamond Lashes in Glamorous eye.

It also have black thick band, when we use the lashes, the band will act like eyeliner & make it blend easily to our eyes. Lashes material are made from plastic, although it's not too shiny & very flexible, so we don't have to bend it. The length is perfect to fit asian eyes, we don't need to cut it too. The lashes also easier to clean, thanks to the thick band.

It's time to continue to some falsies on action, before that pardon my uncolored brow & annoying pimples. I'm just too lazy to put makeup on <(_ _)>

Front view
From below


I'm quite satisfied with the design, it does make our lashes looks full & the length is fit my eyes. But i also looking the design which can use daily. Too bad that Play Cool can't allow that.


Very comfy~ although the design is dramatic, but it won't weight down my eyes at all.


I love this lashes! it's perfect for cosplay photoshoot & night party. Definitely fit its title: Play Cool, makes our eyes looks awesome!

  1. Voluminous, makes our eyes full & pop
  2. Easy to clean
  3. Doesn't need eyeliner to blend
  4. Fit asian eyes
  5. Light
  1. Doesn't fit for daily looks
  2. Priceey ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ

Repurchase? nope, i want to try Diamond Lashes & Shobi Play Cute XD. For you Indonesian people, you can get it on Kay Collection , they sell through department stores & offer online shop services too. I hope my review helps & keep make better post in the future. Thanks for reading & have a nice day \(★´−`)人(´▽`★)/

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Review: Palty Hard Bleach Gold Brown

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Hi! today i'll review my first bleaching product^^ this will be a quick review based on my hair condition since many people wrote a lot of review on this product. I hope this will be a guide for one who has hair condition similar like me, please enjoy ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Palty are the most popular hair dye in Japan, besides Liese, Beauteen & Beautylabo. Their range of color are quite wide & penetrates deeply to the notorious black asian hair with less harm to hair. I have seen a lot of review when considering buying this product, let's see what's my thought about this product.

Basically, my hair is given black & thick, but prone to breakage & hair fall. I ever dye my hair once with henna, but because my stupidity, i dilute it with too much water & the color comes up just like a highlight on my hair. Henna is famous for covering whole hair shaft, make the hair pores smaller & get the hair dye difficult to penetrate. Henna also really hard to remove. Although it's just a thin layer, i really scared that the color won't show well so i have to clean the henna layer a bit so my hair dye can works better. I use clarifying shampoo & it doing well.

The result chart, i want to achieve light hair, so i leave it longer. My expectation that my hair color would be same as the chart.

What you got inside the box:

The guide is quite helpful, since i bought it in singapore, the guide comes in four languange: English, Japanese, Korean & Chinese.

On the back of the box, you can see there is a hole pattern. You have to open it for the bottle when you mix the mixture. It's quite helpful because my hand tend to shake a lot.

My "virgin" hair

Friday, September 6, 2013

September Haul!

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Hello ladies! another haul post from me^^. After busy college, finaly i can update my blog. So much product to review & i'm really satisfied with it, it's much better rather than making tutorial post lol. I hope i have sponsors so i can provide a lot of review here, since i'm bankrupt in college now ( TДT) My field of study (visual communication design) requires a lot of money, effort & time to make the assignment, no wonder most of design students having panda eyes... i really enjoy it, but it's really sad to face the fact that you go broke just in one week lol

Back to topic, i was managing to have these haul since i'm still keeping the money from my relation. At first, i want to buy the candy doll duo cheek blusher & diamond eyelashes & ask ms. Stella Lee since she opened the shopping service on her trip. But, she can't find both of them, & ask her friend to buy the lashes online, but i have to pick it up on 6 Sept, when the AFA is being held. I have to get it before the event, so she offer me to refund all the money.. OMG, it's really kind of her..

The haul
My haul consist of: VCO, Gatsby Moving Rubber in Airy Rise, Shobi Decorative Eyelashes in #Play Cool, Diamond Beauty Eyebrow Concealer, & Ichikami Shampoo.

I got the VCO & brow mascara online, lashes from kaycollection, the wax & ichikami shampoo from watsons.

I find that these duo are my favorite hair care! the ichikami shampoo smells delicious & free from sulfates & silicones, since i have to avoid sulfates as one cause of my constant hair fall. I use the VCO as my pre-poo routine, the texture is quite heavy & thick, but it absorbs easily. After one use, i can find an improvement for my hairfall & notice some new growth after use it twice. I'm just apply the oil on my hair-ends, wrap it with my hair cap & using the hairdryer, i warm it for 15 minutes. I find it much more convenient rather that warm the oil with stove. The shampoo is very liquidy & doesn't foam a lot, like any other sulfate-free shampoo.

I really glad that my university near shopping mall! i get it after school to subtitute my diamond lashes. Since i have naturally long lashes, i'm looking lashes which boost the volume. I tried it & i found that it looks not as dramatic as in the box, quite natural but i don't have much courage to use it daily =___="

Image change kit
I decide to dye my hair! i also cut it to short bob. i bought the dye on singapore when it goes on sale, so lucky! in fact, that's the last stock on the shop (ノ>▽<。)ノ i love the brow mascara too, the color is perfect & conceal my thick brow perfectly, review coming soon! For the wax, i'm trying to make some volume, since my haircut is very boring without any styling.

Oh yeah, i also got sponsored by team! i'm very glad that they chose me to review this product & give a lot of time to review. Since the deadline is far, i decide to use it for one week before giving my thought.

So, what do you think about these product? i hope i can make good review each week within my activities^^ see you on the next post, bye!

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