Saturday, March 15, 2014

Unofficial Model Debut! Random Things , Small Haul & Updates

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Hi girls, it's me again posting about my life (again) lol. i'll make a lot posts like this as an intermezzo between review & such. I hope you don't get bored with it^^

Recently, lots of schedule has been changed & it mark the beginning of the semester. Thank God, i have one holiday each week & i can rest peacefully now. I learn new things, mostly digital art. What really makes me enthusiast is that i have photography lesson, which really support my blogging life. now i can learn to correct my photos & composition to make my posts better. well, photography will be the topic this time, & it's related with this post title for sure.

The story begins when we have to brought our camera for the first time, since most of the students don't have DSLR camera, we have to group with the one who have camera & take the picture alternately. luckily, my pops gave me his old DSLR camera so i don't have to pick groups. let the people decided lol.

Then, our lecturer told us that we have to take pictures outside. My friends really confused on what picture do have we take since the campus area is really big but there's nothing that really catch our interest. So, i told my friend i was really bored, let them play with my camera & i started to lay on the grass fields. it's really peaceful until my friend starts to take pictures of me, sleeping on the grass

After that pictures, my other friends start snapping more picture of me ┗┐ヽ(′Д、`*)ノ┌┛

Lolz :D


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