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Review: ODBO lip tint

Posted by Ayni Tera at 8:59 PM

Hello!^^ it's already december, sorry if i don't post really often because of my routines, and i already on my seniors time, it's really getting serious and busy >A<
ok, back to the topic. this lip tint doesn't have much review about it and people must now this cheap tint. here is the review

ODBO tint

ODBO tint it's quite popular on my homeland because it's super cheap since you get the etude or tony moly lip tint size with price just a quart from them (the ODBO tint just 2$) and it's super pigmented><.
oh yeah, ODBO it's the brand manufactured in thailand, i think the product is good since it get license from korea. (refer to update below)

The wand

well, nothing special, just like the other lip tint.
the textures is like tony moly, but it's more red. i got the first shade, which is apple red because i want to get reddish lip for my ulzzang makeup.

FYI, don't try to apply it with the wand, since it will get the results unnatural and make your lips look bleed. i apply it with wand at first and distribute it with sponge, so my fingers won't get stained. Always apply lipbalm before apply this tint, since it's really hard to blend on dry surface and make your dry lips look ugglier.
da swatch on my hand

the tint is dry really quick, so you must distribute it quickly with sponge. be careful, your lips will get odd result if you don't catch in time. the result is quite matte and not glossy, which is my favorite.

the swatch doesn't suit you for daily makeup, especially at school. your friends will notice that you apply this tint.
my lips before apply the tint.

my lips after put the lipbalm apply the tint, with sponge

the liptint is really nice, and the stay power is super, about 6 - 8 hour after drink and eat it still sits without smudging or fade. but what i hate is the tint was really hard to remove and you must wait patiently to get it disappear. i tried a lot of ways, remove it with baby oil, wash it with warm water and with facial foam and it's still stay which is scare me out.

but the good point is it really suits you for those who want to make ulzzang gradient lip like this:

or this:


and also don't make your lips dry, since it contain mineral oil and has light formula, you don't feel like you wear it.

and this is my photos with this tint, ulzzang X cosplay makeup

sorry for the uggly face lol

  • super pigmented color
  • really easy to absorb
  • really cheap
  • good stay power
  • don't make lips dry
  • really hard to remove
  • hard to blend on dry lips
 Update: This product is fake!! why? because i'm started to suspicious about how stubborn the product are to remove with anything, like milk cleanser and just disappeared if i'm scrub my lips. then, one people from my forum tried to have test about this liptint and smear it onto newspaper, and... it turns out after one month, it didn't fade! while i'm heard that other liptint like tony moly and dear darling doesn't stubborn to removed. i'm kinda scared now, because i read on an article that real ODBO never issued liptint. Sorry if i'm make you to buy this product ヽ(´Д`ヽ although i never got side-effect from this product, but, for your lip sake, please don't buy this product!!


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