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Review: Hadalabo Gokujyun Light Lotion (Indonesia Version)

Posted by Ayni Tera at 8:08 PM
Hello, it's been two week since my last post. This will be my first post about skincare review. i have been using this product for 5 months, and i think the time has come for me to review.

I know this product for the first time when some of beauty blogger talk about Hadalabo product which made in Indonesia. All we know that this product has been a bomb in Japan because the moisturizing properties and help to refine the skin texture (why not? one lotion are sold within 2 seconds!). For us who not live in Japan, the product are super expensive, like $10 - $20 for each product. Gladly, Rohto Indonesia brought us the product and made it produce locally so we don't have to import it through japan (the shipping and tax are super expensive ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ)

The Formula and ingredients are the same as the original product from Japan, we don't have to worry that the product isn't as good as from japan^^. Since many beauty blogger already make a lot of review, this will be a quick review based on my own experience.

hadalabo lotion

With its slogan: perfect X simple, this product promise to retain skin from losing the moisture by lock the water using hyaluronic acid and doesn't contain fragrance, coloring or another additives which doesn't need by skin. Three type of hyaluronic acid can penetrates to the deepest part of skin and moisture skin for a long time.


The lotion texture are very light, as for Japan lotion means for toner and used after face wash to prepare skin to absorb another skincare products. You pour it to the palm of your hand and pat it gently to let it absorb. It takes time to absorb so no wonder it feels a little bit sticky for the first time. I bought Hadalabo gokujyun line since my face needs moisture and i have dry patches along my nose which is a bit annoying. After using this for months, my skin became supple and feel moisturized, also refine my skin texture a little and my pores got shrunk, although my scars haven't getting better yet. No breakout so far, even this calm my skin! my acne never get irritated anymore and no more dry patches! my skin less oily because it's well moisturize now. It also help another skincare product to absorb really fast. Before i used this product, i have to wait a couple minutes for moisturizer to absorb before makeup, now i don't have to wait anymore since the moisturizer now sunk within seconds! Amaziing! (ノ´ー`)ノ

hadalabo bottle

The packaging is very simple, flip-flop container. But, the cap are very sturdy and travel friendly. It doesn't let the liquid spill. The hole makes us easier to control the amount of product.

I heard that a lot of peeps in Indonesia write bad review on it, because after using full line of gokujyun, their skin started to breakout. But personally i haven't got any bad things from it. Then i search it why many peeps got broke out, aaaanddd the reason behind it because their skin can't hold too much hyaluronic acid and their skin are over-moisturized. Japan are the four-season country so they rely a lot of hyaluronic acid on this product beacuse four-season country's climates usually more dry than tropical country. We don't need a lot of hyaluronic acid to bend the moisture, since our climate are more humid. I remember when i travelled to China on summer, my skin is super dry even i have to use nivea cold cream that usually makes me breakout and oily back in indonesia. Rohto Indonesia claims that they don't change the original formula, so no wonder many peeps not suite the product. Since the product are designed for dry climates.

 Over-moisturize can lead to several bumps and acne inside the skin and let the bacteria to grew since the skin are too humid. My suggestion are, just use one product, either just a lotion, milk, cream, face wash or essence. Except your skin are horribly dry. Fortunately, Rohto released two version of hadalabo gokujyun products, which is one for dry skin and another for oily skin.

hadalabo lotion

For the prices (IDR 25.000 or less than $3) i found that is such a steal, since one bottle can used for more than 10 months. I used 3 - 5 drops depends on how dry my skin are. You can see the arrow that there is still have a lot of product and i used it twice a day on five months. Remember not to used it too much, you will get several bumps because over-moisturized.

  • Refine skin texture, although it can't repair acne scars
  • Calm my skin
  • Moisturize skin a lot
  • Makes my skin absorb skincare product really well
  • Super economic, one bottle can last for a year.
  • No breakout!
  • Little bit sticky
  • The formula are too rich for some people, which leads to breakouts.

Overall, i loved this product! It deliver the promises really well, and i would love to purchase the product, even will try their gokujyun milk as well! ( ´∀`)I hope after using both product my scars can be faded and i don't have oily skin anymore. Thanks for reading, and bye^^

Stay tuned for Ennichisai report!



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