Friday, March 22, 2013

March Haul and Random Post

Posted by Ayni Tera at 11:51 PM
Hello peeps, what a long time since i write the last post. i knew that this is going to be a crappy random post lol X3

Well my computer's motherboard is broken and have to wait until it get fixed, and it's have been very long wait, but it's worth. and since the national exam is coming within weeks, i decide to not write any review and tutorial until it's over. My skin it's breaking out because a lot of stress and i also weight down up to 5 kg since early semester 2 :""D  it also makes me really lazy to write post. Sorry ladies..

You know, like my teachers said, "12th grades it's like a woman whose in the edge of her pregnancy, and can't wait to give birth of her child" in my mind, i was like ranting "when will this be over?" i can't wait to get my new macbook and go to the college! but when it's finally ended, i bet i will miss highschool. I also have to change and re-adjust to the next stage.

Yep, i already accepted in Media Nusantara university in visual design and communication degree. Thank God got 100% free entrance fee, because my good grade while in highschool^^ . I get the magazine as a welcome drink lolz,  it's inspired me a lot ^ A ^ d

btw, it come with my march haul, Etude House Drawing Show Creamy Liner and Holika Holika Pore stem Cover Balm. will do a review for pore stem cover balm :3

I already wait for a long time to get those haul. First, i need the balm to cover my nasty pores. In old times i used to cover it with bb cream but the cream make it more visible and my face look like a mask since i put too much bb cream lolz, hope it's over after try it.

it's also come with free sample! can't wait to try^^ it's watery berry serum from skinfood. I hope my skin will get better after use it. I bought all stuff at lynlyn shop. The admin is very nice and patient, although the response often came late but it's worth since the price is affordable and the shipping is quite fast.

and, now for my ultimate haul....

Drawing show creamy liner BR401
Tadaaaa, gel liner! i always want to get this baby ever since! i tried to find the subtitute and never feel satisfied for the result. for noob like me i hope it will make nice and neat line for my eyeline. i've got brown shade because black eyeliner it's very harsh color for teenage like me :3

the haul came with nice package > w <

and the shot for the cover balm

 The package is super cute!! love the green bluish color, feel so fluffy and cool. At first want to try Tony Moly's best selling pore balm. Unfortunately it's out of stock, so i decide to buy this since the quantity not much different from tony moly also cheaper *A* i love the balm type since i'm quite hard handy when picking the product and it's such a waste because i still have the leftover product in my hand TT w TT

i also got my makeup pallete from my pops

Lancome tendre voyage
my pops buy me this when ventured to taiwan, bought it while transit in Hongkong. although he never know makeup but his taste is very nice, Lancome tendre voyage comes in nice color, the eyeshadow's perfect for ulzzang eye makeup. what i don't like is some granny-flowery scent which comes from the pouch, when i opened it i nearly puke. Oh.. i hate that kind of scent. after a while, the scent gone.

see? the color quite nice, the blush also come in soft pink pastel color and not too glittery. Soft and young, not too bold like US palette.

after a while, i realized that now i'm into japanese makeup, not gyaru but the new trend: Otona kawaii. i found it's kawaii and natural, not like gyaru with excessive eye makeup. i also like mori girl but don't like the outfits, since i am young i want to look natural as possible hehe^^

However i also want to try kawaii dolly makeup for lolita. Got influenced b Gothic Lolita Bible.

Oh yeah, i also bought wig, after CNY on february. since my BF hate my boyish hairstyles, i decide to buy one. In Indonesia, wearing a wig is considered as taboo since it looks fake, and so shiny like plastic. But it's gonna be a history since many wigs are natural now, even can be re-styling and re-dying! after i wear natural wig for the first time now i never feel ashamed to wear a wig and want to try more brand.

My new Wig!!

since my BF loves my old bob hairstyles, i decide to buy this model:

The wig is quite natural and hell yeah, my boyfriend loves this. Gotta write the reviews soon.

the next haul will be:

Dolly Wink Otona Kawaii series

I love Tsu-chan and her otona styles <3 and i want to try the lashes too! adore her hairstyles more so i decided to buy new wig, like this:

so natural but dolly! and want to try candy doll lipstick in ramune pink, the brand is also endorsed by her too. Thanks to cominica now i rave this lippies.

It's quite pale and makes me quite hesitate to try it, but we never now unless we try right?

and the last but not least:

Neo Angel Lens 3 color
My last lenses makes me look lifeless, my mom called me broken doll while wear it. I want to buy 3 tone lens in 14.5 diameter because i feel sleepy if use lens in 15 diameter or more for a long time, and the enlargement won't look natural without makeup. With 14.5 diameter lenses i hope it suite for daily wear, and make my eyes more lively but still give slight enlargement. Will review it soon.

Ok, ladies that's the end of my post. Sorry it came up with such a long post. But i promise you all that i keep blogging and make more post after the exams. Have to study now, thank you for visit and matta nee!!


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