Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Maybelline Fruity Jelly Lip Gloss in Mint Sheer Review

Posted by Ayni Tera at 7:03 PM
Hi folks, for my first review in 2013 i will write about maybelline fruity jelly lip gloss (`ω・)^★

Although this product has a lot of reviews, but i haven't seen any for this type. well, i got this by coincidences, i want a transparent lippies, and without shimmers off course. unfortunately many lip gloss is pigmented and it's so hard to find it really cheap. at first i crave for woo baby plumper from etude house and need to save a little bit. 

Then, when i went to carrefour with my mom, i find this stuff (;;゜;∀;゜;;)

OMG, what a life saver ヽ(;▽;)ノ

Ok, let's see the features:

Maybelline Fruit Jelly Lip Gloss gives you glossy and shiny lips and the best part is that the shine lasts all day long. This amazing lip gloss is available in eight different and delicious flavors that are so tempting to apply on lips. Moreover it can be easily spread on your lips and is non sticky in nature.

I got this for IDR 27.000 or approximately $3.since it was lip gloss, off course it gives you shine and make your lip look plumper and more 3D-ish.

The applicator is made from plastic, and doesn't covered by sponge. it's really easy to apply since the neck was short.

The Swatch, no shimmer (≧ω≦)b
 Lip gloss consistency not really thick and little bit sticky, but easy to spread. Also has mild mint scent and cool when applied to skin. What i like is it don't have shimmer which i hate, since the shimmer add more volume ( my lips already big :""3) but without shimmers, it's really enough to give the extra volume and cover lip crease without make it look too obvious, just natural :3

This is my lip condition before i apply it


 I already apply other lippies such as ODBO lip tint and Tony Moly Magic Berry lip tint. the original, my lips not look that shiny as at the photo. you can see i have lip crease along my bottom lips, because i don't mosturize it really well (poor lazy me :p)

And this is the after

My lips looks healthier, and cover the crease a little :3 also make it more 3D than before. you just need tiny amount to cover entire lips^^ however, it feels quite heavy on me although it's not sticky after applied it on lips.

The gloss don't last long, about 2 - 4 hour and will disappear faster if you eat and drink. but, don't worry the gloss are travel friendly and fit in your pocket. one pack will last long, since i use it just for special occasion (○´ω`)


  • not sticky
  • give healthy shine
  • gives lip more volume in natural way
  • cheap
  • easy to apply
  • travel friendly

  • really hard to find
  • feels heavy
  • don't last long


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