Saturday, August 17, 2013

Cat Beret Hat: Dupe of Olive des Olive Beret Hat & More Crochets!

Posted by Ayni Tera at 3:05 AM
Hello guys, How are you doing there? i hope you can enjoy this post since i'll flood it with a lots of WIP ( work in progress) & Amigurumi photos (○’ω’○)

Well, as you see from the post about my yarn haul, i'm started to crochet to fill my boring vacation, next week i'll have to prepare for college & finally go outside the house, yayo口(・∀・ )

I saw post from cominica & see the cutest hat that i've ever seen * w *, although it will be release in Indonesia soon, but i don't have much money b'cause cosplay & stuff haha. I thought it would be a money saver if i can make it by myself^^. After browsing the crochet pattern for the hat & cat ears, i encourage myself to do it (' w ')9

I started it with making magic chain of six, then expanded it to the size that i want. the key is that you have to expanded it as much as possible, and the challenge here, is to keep it flat. You don't want it curling that much, because it won't be a beret hat if you do.

After it reach the size as you see on the picture, i stop increase it & start to crochet as usual to build the hat.

As i working through, it start to curl & get the body, keep crochet then you'll see the result like this:

It's curling > w <, but a little bit will be fine. The curling will gone after steam blocking :3

Cat ear
After the hat done, i'm switch to the cat ears: the main star X3

Before i attach the ears to the hat, i'm do the steam blocking, so the crochet will shown well & to defeat the curling too. What is steam blocking? steam blocking are one of blocking technique where you work with the heat from iron. Lay the crochet in flat surface & shape it by stretching the crochet, then put the wet fabric like towel or unused clothes above the crochet, then iron your crochet for a few second until you see the steam come out, that's the technique called from. After you iron it, remove the wet fabric & cool it to dry it completely.

After steam blocking
See? the curling is gone!

It's time to sew, and magic happens...


Beside the hat, i'm also crochet amigurumi, hairpin, & keychain! (‘∀’●)♡

The comparison
I make it inspired from Mawaru Penguindrum, which is one of my favorite anime. Love those stupid penguins. Actually, i made a mistake here: less chubby, unsymmetrical eyebrow & grumpier expression lol it's not like the actual character. my boyfriend said that it looks like donald duck or uncle scrooge lol.


 The number supposed to be number one, but i make it look like number seven. what's wrong with me?! ヽ(´Д`ヽ

What are you looking at?!

Keychain for my friend

Hairpin for cosplay
I make the hairpin too, i don't want to spend money again since i spend it for new candy doll cheek color duo blush ( will review it later) & diamond lashes for cosplay. I'm trying to make it looks nice, what do you think?

If you have questions about crochet or anything, please leave the comment bellow, i'll reply it ASAP & really happy to answer it^^. See you on the next post & thanks for reading, bye!


Mizu chan said...

That's so pretty~~! My mom do these types of knitting too but she won't let me learn from her until i finished my study..haha

Ayni Tera said...

thank you! my mom also too lazy to teach me XD, i learned it all from youtube videos. just mastering the basic techniques, you can make a lot of things such as scarf, amigurumi, etc.

angel snowflower said...

Aww I love the cat ears! And I dont think I have the patience to do that, you make it look so easy!

Please pop by my blog too, and if you'd like a follow please let me know!
<3 Celly

Ayni Tera said...

Thanks^^ it took me 5 days to complete it & the progress is really slow [´・ω・`]

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