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Lancome Tendre Voyage Pallete Review + Swatches

Posted by Ayni Tera at 8:36 PM
Hello guys, while waiting my anime episode to come out i'll review about my first & new pallete from lancome (´ε` )♡ My dad bought me this pallete from duty free shop, and although he doesn't have a sense about makeup & my taste, his choice is  good^^

Ok, let's jump to the swatch & my verdict about this product! (●´∀`●)

Personally, i think that the packaging is really simple & very grown-up like, with floral embossed on its pallete. The pallete are small and can fit bags easily, so we can brought it for touch-up while travel.

it's also come with a pouch, to prevent dust entering the pallete. But, i found it attracts dust easily when i keep it on the storage, since it was made with flanel fabrics. Since the pouch attracts dust, i prefer to keep it in my bag without the pouch.

inside the pallete
This is what you'll get from the pallete:

Powder Eyeshadow (Color Focus & Ombre Absolue), the colors are very neutral & natural, it has subtle glitter on the brown color. When swatched, the glitters disappear & make the brown color look more soft rather than on the pallete, while the pink color are more in coppery color & the gold one has more chunky glitter, it makes the gold color are the color that i rarely use. the texture of the eyeshadow is like satin, quite pigmented, but sometimes is really hard to blend on eyelid. Perfect for Ulzzang & Mori girl looks.


Blush powder (Blush Subtil), Blush with rosy-pink color, looks very natural on white-skin girl, but doesn't suited tanner-skin. The swatch on my tanner skin hand is really hard to show, although i swatched it really thick. But, on my face, which is whiter than my hand, the blush is quite pigmented & really easy to get the color with just one swipe.

Blush swatch

Lip color & gloss swatches

The last, but not least is the lip color & lipgloss! (L'absolurouge & Gloss A Levres) The lip color when swatched are really cute, i swatched it heavily to show the real color, but it's perfect for daily use if you apply it lightly. the texture is quite soft & velvety. For the lipgloss, is in pink on pallete, but when applied, it'll turn into transparent color, the chunks of glitter also less visible & gives nice sheen to the lips, but i really hate the texture, unlike the lip color, it's quite waxy & don't gives moisturize effect on lips.

Rating time!


3 out of 5

Nothing's special, it's really grown-up & travel-size can fit your bag easily

Color & textures:

3.5 out of 5

I love the eyeshadow, the texture is really soft & the glitters doesn't really chunky, & the lip color comes in natural red color, which is good because is really rare to get red color this natural. the downside is the lip gloss texture is too waxy & doesn't give moisturizing & plump effect like liquid gloss, but it gives subtle shine, and the smell is.. yuck! when i first open the box, i nearly puke because the pallete comes with heavily floral scent.. for me... i don't really like flower scent.. ((( ̄へ ̄井)


3 out of 5

I'm not really keen about this pallete, the color is OK, but the scent & the texture doesn't sattisfy me.

I know that Lancome are one of most popular high-end makeup brand, and you must be thought that this product doesn't need any review. But, i hope this review help people to choose makeup palletes among a lot of choices^^. Thanks for reading, bye \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ


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