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Review: Palty Hard Bleach Gold Brown

Posted by Ayni Tera at 3:01 AM
Hi! today i'll review my first bleaching product^^ this will be a quick review based on my hair condition since many people wrote a lot of review on this product. I hope this will be a guide for one who has hair condition similar like me, please enjoy ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Palty are the most popular hair dye in Japan, besides Liese, Beauteen & Beautylabo. Their range of color are quite wide & penetrates deeply to the notorious black asian hair with less harm to hair. I have seen a lot of review when considering buying this product, let's see what's my thought about this product.

Basically, my hair is given black & thick, but prone to breakage & hair fall. I ever dye my hair once with henna, but because my stupidity, i dilute it with too much water & the color comes up just like a highlight on my hair. Henna is famous for covering whole hair shaft, make the hair pores smaller & get the hair dye difficult to penetrate. Henna also really hard to remove. Although it's just a thin layer, i really scared that the color won't show well so i have to clean the henna layer a bit so my hair dye can works better. I use clarifying shampoo & it doing well.

The result chart, i want to achieve light hair, so i leave it longer. My expectation that my hair color would be same as the chart.

What you got inside the box:

The guide is quite helpful, since i bought it in singapore, the guide comes in four languange: English, Japanese, Korean & Chinese.

On the back of the box, you can see there is a hole pattern. You have to open it for the bottle when you mix the mixture. It's quite helpful because my hand tend to shake a lot.

My "virgin" hair

Ok, let's started! before you dying your hair, you have to prepare: oil based cream for waterline, plastic bag to protect your below part to prevent staining, hair cap, mirror, newspaper & hair clip to help the dying process.

It's really simple, pour the bleaching powder to the solution number 2, shake hard. Then, after it mixed, pour paste no. 1 to the bottle, shake until it mixed properly & immediately change the bottle cap with the applicator.

I found it that the applicator quite sucks, it really help to distribute the dye evenly, but the dye solution quite hard to come out. My back got the dye a lot.. and it sting DX

That time, i feel like...


I started to put the dye randomly, when i dye my bangs, it sting my eyes a bit. The tingling & sting sensation on scalp isn't really annoying like my back did. After i nearly run out the dye, i open the applicator & distribute the rest with my hand. I also find it has very stingy quantity, although my hair short, but it thick & i found a little bit of my hair strand doesn't covered by dye. I comb my hair with finger to make sure it distribute evenly. I put my hair cap & started my hair dryer to begin to warm my hair for 15 minutes so the hair dyes can easily penetrates, the hair got lighter easier too. Fortunately that the dye isn't staining the skin. Smells of the solution are mixed of chemically forced flower scent.

I put the hair dye sit for 40 minutes, rinse until the water runs clear, towel dry & put the leave on conditioner.  I shocked a moment after coloring my hair, that my front hair are lighter while the rest of my hair are pitch black ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ i freaked out & imagine how ugly my hair if i have to go college like that. I quickly grab my second bottle & want to apply it again, but my thought of damaging my hair more makes me cancel it. My hair doesn't feel damaged at all, no excessive hair fall.

first day

Second day
 Luckily after my hair completely dry, the color comes out more. I'm quite happy with the result, it distribute evenly, although i still have few strand uncovered on my back side of my head. The hair damage feels more obvious after my hair dry. It super dry, frizzy almost like french fries ; w ; but not to the point that it have split ends, etc. After i shampoo & deep condition on third day, the damage hair reverse to normal, although it still have frizz.

Overall, i'm quite statisfied with the product. Less damage, the color match the box, & it makes my hair lovely. My friends compliment me a lot with my new hair 且_(゚◇゚;)ノ゙

  1. The color match the box's result chart
  2. Less damage on my hair
  3. The dye easily distribute
  4. not staining
  5. Smells good
  1. Stingy quantity
  2. Quite pain in the ass to apply it
  3. Pricey
  4. Hard to get in Indonesia locally, only online shop provide it.

Repurchase? absolutely! but i still want to try another brands & variant like beauteen & palty foam dye^^.

Ok, that's my thought, i hope you can enjoy it. See you on the next post, mata nee! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


Sakuranko said...

Oh really cute color dear, thanks for your review!
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Joyce said...

Turned out nice! :) Love the lighter hair. Keep in touch ^_^

Joyce @

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