Friday, September 6, 2013

September Haul!

Posted by Ayni Tera at 4:14 PM
Hello ladies! another haul post from me^^. After busy college, finaly i can update my blog. So much product to review & i'm really satisfied with it, it's much better rather than making tutorial post lol. I hope i have sponsors so i can provide a lot of review here, since i'm bankrupt in college now ( TДT) My field of study (visual communication design) requires a lot of money, effort & time to make the assignment, no wonder most of design students having panda eyes... i really enjoy it, but it's really sad to face the fact that you go broke just in one week lol

Back to topic, i was managing to have these haul since i'm still keeping the money from my relation. At first, i want to buy the candy doll duo cheek blusher & diamond eyelashes & ask ms. Stella Lee since she opened the shopping service on her trip. But, she can't find both of them, & ask her friend to buy the lashes online, but i have to pick it up on 6 Sept, when the AFA is being held. I have to get it before the event, so she offer me to refund all the money.. OMG, it's really kind of her..

The haul
My haul consist of: VCO, Gatsby Moving Rubber in Airy Rise, Shobi Decorative Eyelashes in #Play Cool, Diamond Beauty Eyebrow Concealer, & Ichikami Shampoo.

I got the VCO & brow mascara online, lashes from kaycollection, the wax & ichikami shampoo from watsons.

I find that these duo are my favorite hair care! the ichikami shampoo smells delicious & free from sulfates & silicones, since i have to avoid sulfates as one cause of my constant hair fall. I use the VCO as my pre-poo routine, the texture is quite heavy & thick, but it absorbs easily. After one use, i can find an improvement for my hairfall & notice some new growth after use it twice. I'm just apply the oil on my hair-ends, wrap it with my hair cap & using the hairdryer, i warm it for 15 minutes. I find it much more convenient rather that warm the oil with stove. The shampoo is very liquidy & doesn't foam a lot, like any other sulfate-free shampoo.

I really glad that my university near shopping mall! i get it after school to subtitute my diamond lashes. Since i have naturally long lashes, i'm looking lashes which boost the volume. I tried it & i found that it looks not as dramatic as in the box, quite natural but i don't have much courage to use it daily =___="

Image change kit
I decide to dye my hair! i also cut it to short bob. i bought the dye on singapore when it goes on sale, so lucky! in fact, that's the last stock on the shop (ノ>▽<。)ノ i love the brow mascara too, the color is perfect & conceal my thick brow perfectly, review coming soon! For the wax, i'm trying to make some volume, since my haircut is very boring without any styling.

Oh yeah, i also got sponsored by team! i'm very glad that they chose me to review this product & give a lot of time to review. Since the deadline is far, i decide to use it for one week before giving my thought.

So, what do you think about these product? i hope i can make good review each week within my activities^^ see you on the next post, bye!


Angel Feliciano said...

awesome haul <3 I want to try the diamond beauty eyebrow mascara :)

Linderella said...

Lovely. I really like the eyelashes :)

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