Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year Haul and Mini Old Treasures

Posted by Ayni Tera at 1:35 PM

It's already new year \(O w O)/ 

2012 walks really fast huh? i hope we can learn the wisdom from the past and walk through the year with courage and happiness^^

Anyway, recently i went to three places with my mom siblings, first is pasar pagi mangga dua, itc mangga dua and last is mangga dua mall. At first we want to buy daily needs, like my bro goes his way to mangga dua mall to search cables and computer accessories and the ladies went to search lovely bags and clothes. Me myself want to buy gel eyeliner and backpack since my reebok backpack was really dull. But in the end, we went berserk and bought a lot of things ._______. (Blame new year sale for it :p )

And.. here we are, da pictures of the haul

Ok, first thing is kiplings backpack

My first ultimate goal for this quest is to find cute backpack.  i heart this type of backpack <3 The material is quite thick and waterproof. The truth is i don't really like kipling, they are overpriced backpack because the parasute material usually was really thin and waterproof. But this type are so different, and come with a lots of pocket !!I ride motorcycle everytime and need to find something waterproof and not easily tore up by weather. The colors are lovely too, it's really bad that the pink color is too bright, which i really hate (i prefer soft and pastel pink color) so i chose purple color instead of pink.

da second is pink blouse.

This was unplanned thing that i bought. When  we search clothes for my sis, i met the blouse and randomly said that's really cute. My mom misunderstood this and take the blouse to my shop basket, in the end i have to paid it (*T_T)人(T^T)人(T_T*)

Da third is maybeline eyeliner
I told you that my another ultimate goal is gel eyeliner. After a long quest i find various gel eyeliner, unfortunately most of them are expensive but fake mac makeups and i found some fake etude eyeliner too  ┏┫*`ー´┣━━━━━━━━━●)゚O゚).。゚
I really desperate to find eyeliner and decide to buy maybeline pencil eyeliner. I bought it for IDR25.000. I don't know wether is fake or not but i like the result. The eyeliner is waterproof but easily to smudge. So it's perfect to me who still learn how to put makeup :3

Da last two are  korilakkuma dolls ♪(*´∀`*)っ
 After i complete da goals, i still have more money and saw my sis bought cute korilakkuma doll in bee costume ヽ(´・ω・`)ノWithout any hesitation and guilt i bought this cuties ((m(|i|・´ω`・)m))  number four for my fellas in bed and number five is keychain for my new bag.All of them are made in hongkong.

 Ok, last but not least : da treasures which i found after do some cleaning

Number one is glasses pouch, two and three are lipstick cases and small pouch, fourth is vintage glasses and last is multi sun glasses (b・ω・d)

All of them are my mom's, how nostalgic!! And this is me, wearing the glasses like retard

 FYI, all of my photos are edited with LINE camera, an awesome android app from naver O(≧▽≦)O
you can find it on google play^^


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