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Review: Acnes Pressed Powder

Posted by Ayni Tera at 8:54 PM

Hi!^^ i will review about my compact powder, from acnes. if you live in south east asia you must be knew this brand. it have licensed by mentholatum USA which is one of well known companies for skincare. on Indonesia, Acnes was produced by Rohto Laboratories. i saw a lot of nice reviews about this brand and really tempted to try the compact powder since i have a lot of small pimples and it promise to cure acne and help recover blemish.

Da Product

Sorry, it's in bahasa :3

what you've got inside

so, at first i though it would be easy to find since it was popular brand. but i only saw this stuff on hypermarket like giant and carrefour. i bought it for 25.000 IDR, not too pricey. i love the packaging, the plastic it's quite strong, and the design was really clean and simple.


da shade, lovely pink. the origin was really dark and has redish tone than in the photo.
unfortunately, the shade only left for lovely pink, which is the darkest shade. i thought it would be fits perfectly on my skin shade even if my skin was white with yellowish tone. i never choose white shade since it has a grey cast and make my skin look very pale and cakey.

but what really surprise me, is.. that the package can't close with the applicator on. like, what?! that's not cool man. compact powder has to support the sponge applicator in it, like all product to make it simpler. so i have to put in on the green pouch and really hate it when i have to bring this on my bag, not too hygienic.

da sponge

not really like the applicator, it's really thin, fragile and rough. the positive is, this stuff really good to handled and easy to be cleaned. i prefer sponge applicator like on the two way cake or furry like the blush on applicator.

when i put this powder for the first time, it doesn't really match my skin tone! it makes my face red a little bit, but don't make it more dark. it has sulfur hint of smell, like the acne care product should. the smell dissapeared when i put it to my face and it will come to surface again when your face is wet and the humidity makes the smell stronger, yucks :p

i like the coverage. it has nice sheer coverage to conceal my small pimples and blemish wether because of the shade or not. it also give my face a smooth complexion, and won't clog my pores! this product like my complete treatment for acne since it also have antibacterial agent and sun screen (i lazy to put my sun screen on lol)

 before look of my forehead, with flash
you could see i have a lot of acne scars and small pimples, what an endless fight TTwTT. i already wash my face and put my toner.

after i put my powder. also with flash

OMG, it has shimmer on it! landscape photos >A<

i dunno if this is really good to has a shimmer. i would expect the finish will matte, as the product targeted for teenager who has oily face and skin problems. the shimmer makes my face sparkly and since it has not so good oil control, my face turn into a discoball when goes outdoor especially on T-zone \(>A<)/ (FYI, i have combination skin) as well as i have to blot my face after 2 or three hours. don't mean it has really bad oil control, it does reduce my oil on T-zone but it's just not enough.

you can see that my scar was concealed really well, and fade the appearance of my pimples. not bad for acne product. after a week use, i can feel that my scars slowly faded, pimples size reduced and don't give me breakouts although da pimples still sit quietly on my face (*`へ´*).
Overall, i like this product. it cover my skin problems and heal it, makes my face all smooth. will repurchase later, will try honey beige shade :3

  • nice sheer coverage, cover scars and pimples
  • comes in three shade, all of them are suited for asian skin
  • help heal pimples and scars
  • sleek and clean design
  • won't clog pores
  • don't give breakout
  • complete treatment, has sun screen and antibacterial agent
  • really suit dry and normal to oily skin
  • sulfur smell
  • not so good oil control, if you have an oily face.
  • not practical and not too hygienic, pressed powder can't accomodate its applicator
  • ugly applicator
  • has shimmer


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