Friday, February 7, 2014

Review: Diamond Beauty Brow Concealer in Caramel Brown

Posted by Ayni Tera at 8:54 PM
Hello fellas, long time no see! This time i will review my first brow mascara from diamond beauty. I bought this mascara since i don't want to dye my brow when i done my hair color with palty. At first i wanna try dolly wink brow mascara, but it has a lots of glitter which not my favorite.

Diamond beauty is not a new brand, they provided a lots of makeup & i find it cheaper rather than dolly wink or candy doll. From this picture, you can guess that is quite similar with diamond lash. Yep, diamond lash are the one who release this brand. Unfortunately, they don't get much popularity outseas & not much blogger who review the product.  This brow mascara also has a lots of color, ranging from blonde, brown & redish tone.

The packaging is very classic & girly, with bling bling on the top cap * w * made from plastic with glossy finish but not easy to scratch.

you can see the quantity with the shade & other information written in the bottom.

You can see why it's named concealer, because the consistency is thick , creamy & more dense than any brow mascara, you can wear it alone without brow powder & the formula makes this mascara can cover your original brow color perfectly. It has glitters too but not visible like dolly wink.

But i found the bristles applicator are quite sucks, it's really short that it really hard to reach the roots. The formula also dry fast, if you apply it slow, you can get the flaky results. Usually, i apply this mascara by apply a little tension so it can reach the roots with one fast swipe . The applicator usually pick up too much product, before i take it to my brow, i wipe it to the side of the bottle to remove the excess.

In this picture you find that the mascara doesn't really conceal the brow, but in real world it does beautifully.

The mascara stay as long you don't rub it or wipe it with water. It's sweatproof but not waterproof & it's not a hassle to clean.

See? when it contact with water, it won't run. It still stays even until the water dries up as long as you don't rub.

ta-daaa~ it's easy to clean right? don't have to wash it with warm water or makeup remover, facial wash will do the job!

My Verdict

I really love the coverage this product give, it conceal my thick brows really good. but diamond beauty has to fix the wand, it annoys me when putting this mascara. It dry fast, but some of you would not satisfied with it because it will give flaky brow look, although i don't really mind about the formula. i guess this mascara will last for good, it needs tiny amount to cover the entire brow, & maybe last forever since many people who use brow mascara are the ones with thin brows lololol

  • Good coverage
  • Easy to clean
  • Sweatproof
  • Cute packaging
  • Short-haired wand
  • Dry too fast, it will give problems for some people

Repurchase? absolutely yes! it's my first ever brow mascara that i really loves^^. I've got it from miaw lens for IDR.155.000 ( around $14), the price is the same with other brow mascara. You have to give it a shot!

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